Facility Overview

The AET facility is an independently owned, ultra modern, comprehensive proving ground, designed to provide security, safety and assurance of test conditions.

AET’s major components produce the most efficient environment for customer test and evaluation programs:

  • Security
    Controlled access, security clearance and badges are elemental to a more extensive security system.

  • Courses
    820 acres of snow, ice and asphalt courses configured to meet any winter test protocol.

  • Individual Garages
    AET’s seven heated garages range from 1,700² to 5,000² ft, comfortably separated and secured by keyless entry systems. Each well lighted garage includes a bathroom, office, hoists, basic shop equipment, telephone/fax and high speed Internet.

  • Cold Cells
    Three multi-vehicle cells each 1,000² ft, capable of –35°C and –40°C.

  • Test Support
    AET has an experienced management staff, work force and specialized equipment to facilitate any large or small program.

  • On-Site Lodging
    Convenience and increased efficiency are two benefits of staying on site. Two lodges provide clients with private bedrooms/bathrooms, kitchens, DSL, sauna, weight room and racquet ball court.

  • AET Center
    Functions as the communications, media, event center at AET. It supports both technical and social uses, along with an extensive food service.

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