Test Assurance

Winter weather conditions do vary, especially early and late in the season. This can cause serious problems for program planning, testing delays and quality of test data.

AET offers the highest possible level of test reliability and repeatability by providing:

Rapid Recovery System: The size, quantity and capability of AET’s equipment is the cornerstone of the system. State of the art grooming and conditioning equipment designed and built by AET assures test course reliability and repeatability.
Course Area Lighting System: Ten of AET's most heavily used tracks are lighted. Besides safely extending test capability 24/7, reliability, repeatability and test data are all improved on non solar loaded surfaces. Lower ambient and track surface temperatures are generally achieved during the hours of darkness.
Cold Cells: Three cells, each 1,000² ft and capable of -35°C and -40°C. Configured for multiple passenger/light duty trucks, large vehicles and off road equipment. Produces on demand temperatures for soaking or static testing.